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Our Products

Eco Salon


We love the environment as much as we love hair and pride ourselves on our eco friendly ethics within the salon. We are always looking for new and exciting ways in which to do more to help and protect our planet.


We recently began to use 100% biodegradable towels, these are not only much better for the environment but are also more hygienic for our clients. As well as cutting down energy consumption by not having to be washed and dried, they also allow our staff to dedicate more time to each and every one of our customers.


We recycle all of our empty product packaging, either by creating imaginative window displays or simply refilling them and select all of our product companies based on their environmental ethos.


We light our salon with energy saving lightbulbs and are mindful of our water consumption, we have also recently installed Eco friendly water taps on at all of our basins, filtering our water and again cutting down our water usage.


We stock and use KEVIN.MUPRHY products and colours, which are all made from only natural ingredients and are free from sulphates, parabens and have been recognised by PETA as being cruelty free.



Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MUPRHY products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity.


They are all made from natural ingredients such as mango butter, orange blossom, lavender extract and antioxidants from lotus flower and desert lime. We chose to use KEVIN.MUPRHY in our salon as they are the most ethically sound we could find and are in keeping with our passion for helping the environment.  KEVIN.MUPRHY use micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques to ensure their range is of the very highest natural quality making them gentle on even the most sensitive of scalps and skin types.




KEVIN.MUPRHY's COLOUR.ME range is born from his vision of fusing session work, high fashion and hair colour.


The colours themselves deliver natural looking results and optimum colour functionality whilst being made from gentle ‘from the earth’ ingredients that naturally moisturise, rejuvenate and impart incredible shine to our clients hair without further compromising the environment.


When it comes to hair colour, KEVIN.MUPRHY believes ‘what goes into the tube is just as important as the colour it creates.’


Colours are all PPD free, ammonia free and naturally derived from ingredients such as aloe Vera, honey, shea butter and pomegranate.


KEVIN.MUPRHY are also proud to announce they have been recognised by PETA as being a cruelty free brand! PETA, the largest animal rights organisation in the world, has proudly accepted KEVIN.MUPRHY to be listed as one of their recommended 'Cruelty Free' companies.


KEVIN.MUPRHY will not harm nor test on animals. We test on models. We avoid the use of any ingredients that will damage or harm animals and the environment in any way


Salon Shower Pro


Water is in short demand. Its a global problem!!!!


You may have read about water shortages in the south this year, thankfully the British weather is doing its best to rectify that, well, the Hairdressing industry is finally awake to the fact that we can now make use of the water we use far more effectively, ergonomically and ecologically too.


Salon Shower Pro is a new Salon Shower head which reduces the amount of water we use, but at the same time increases the pressure under which we rinse. The specially designed head creates a build up of water which is forced out of a pressure plate creating a spa shower effect. But that’s not all, as the water enters the head it goes through a 4 filter process, eliminating nasties like limescale, copper and rust deposits and even eliminates up to 70% of residual chlorine a killer for cosmetic hair colour, leaving the hair texture far more natural and better for us to work with.  We hope you like!!!